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EasyQueue’s mission is to ensure no corporate employee has to wait in long queues for their meals. We ensure this by helping companies transcend into a digital environment. We do this by migrating to a Virtual Cafe for both, the client as well as the Vendor; providing a completely Digital Ordering and Payment Gateway for a more sustainable and transparent working model for all involved. Founders, Mr. Gaurav Mardia and Mr. Rachit Aggarwal have meticulously studied the very specific niche of Corporate Cafe/Canteen scenario and identified the shortfalls and enhancements required for a much more comfortable and desirable experience!

Our focus.

We understand your requirement and provide quality work.
Employee convenience

A queueless ordering approach which reduces the cafeteria crowd drastically which helps to save valuable time of the employee and in turn increases their productivity.

Easy Accountability and Transparency

EasyQueue enables corporates to generate any report at any time via Cloud Analytics which gives more clarity on the entire ordering process through the real-time data provided.

End to end solutions easyqueue
End to End Solution

EasyQueue provides all the hardware and/or software components and resources to meet their clients requirement. We have tied up with several suppliers to make sure all your needs are met with EasyQueue.

Tailor Made

EasyQueue customises features in the App to better suit it’s customers specific requirements. We make sure to meet and exceed our client's expectations to ensure a unique and dependable service.

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Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide 'Out of the Box' Solutions!
Digital Menu easyqueue

EasyQueue enables you to place orders via a Digital Menu. We can also load multiple Vendors for a single location, thus giving a wider selection to our clients.

efficiency easyqueue

With EasyQueue, employees will be able to place order from the convenience of their desk. Live Reports can be accessed at any time, from any location via our Cloud Servers which improves transparency and clarity in accounting.

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No more standing in long queues waiting idly in the Cafeteria for food. With EasyQueue Employees would get notified of order status when food is ready.

Quality Easyqueue

EasyQueue has tied up with some of the most reputed caterers to ensure the highest quality standards.

Real Time Reviews Easyqueue

Employees will be able to provide feedback which will be shared with the respective Food Vendor/Partner regularly to enhance the overall quality of food and the overall experience. 

Cloud Analytics easyqueue

EasyQueue provides Detailed Analytics of each Order (Branch wise, Department wise, etc.), also Bulk order during meetings/conferences can be easily tracked and tallied. Live Reports can be accessed at any time, from any location via our Cloud Servers which improves transparency and clarity in accounting.


We understand your requirements and let you customize however you wish:

Hungry! But fed up of long queues at your corporate cafeteria?
EasyQueue is here to Save The Day!
We help usher you into a Digital Environment where Standing in Queues is a thing of the Past.


EasyQueue Application is specifically customised to suit any Company’s requirements. EasyQueue will provide Corporates with the best in class technology to manage food caterers and employee ordering, keeping food safety standards in mind.


EasyQueue has tied up with some of the most reputed Caterers to ensure the highest quality standards. As the entire cafeteria becomes digital, Caterers will not be required to maintain cash register or any physical register for any order.

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