Benefits to Employees

Hungry! But fed up of long queues at your corporate cafeteria?

EasyQueue is here to Save The Day!

We help usher you into a Digital Environment where Standing in Queues is a thing of the Past.

Employees can now transition to a Digital Age and Virtually Place Orders and Pay on the go.

EasyQueue Completely eliminates the need to stand in long Queues to place orders and pay for your daily meals. Employees can Access online menus on the EasyQueue App and Place orders from the convenience of their chair and only approach the Canteen on receiving an “Order Ready” Notification.

Employees can place delivery orders from nearby restaurants on the App. Our app enable employees to order their meals

from multiple vendors with a single click.

Employees can rate the food items they have ordered, thus helping to improve standards. The overall reduction in idle time spent in the cafeteria and an enhanced cafeteria experience will boost overall employee productivity. Employees can check their Order History on the App, whether ordered by Food Card, etc. No follow-up required for the order.